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First Place
State Of The Art Gaming Setup

There's a catch here, though.

When we say state of the art, we honest. But... we don't say when it was state of the art.

Think ten years or so... But it's brand new, never used, so that counts, right? Right?

Second Place
A Lifetime Supply Of Makeup
Third Place
We'll Use Cardboard To Redecorate And Replace Your Furniture
Consolation Prize
We'll Hire A Mariach Band To Follow You Around! You'll Have Your Own Soundtrack

Everyone placed 4th to 10th will receive tickets to the hottest concert in town.

The town is in Russia, but it's a Michael Jackson... imperonator concert.

Also, due to licensing issues, they are not allowed to perform any of Michael's songs, so you will listen to fresh new songs but not affiliated with Jackson.

Think of it as a great cosplayer convention.

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