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How It Works

There will be three rounds of voting.

Each round is designed to eliminate a number of participants, as seen below:

Round #1: 32 participants will survive

Round #2: 16 participants will survive

At the end, there will be 8 winners.

Winners are determined only from participants that survive to round three.

How Voting Works

When you are ready to vote, look at the bottom of your screen. A button like the one below will be there.

Vote For Me

You can vote all videos, or only the ones you really like.

Voting Frequency

You can vote each video once a day. Make sure to return regularly to support the participants you like.

Participant Support

When you go to the voting page, make sure to swipe left or right to see more videos.

If you really like a participant, make sure to share their video. You are in control of how the video is shared.

Or you can leave a comment and show your support, while seeing what others think of your favorites.

Who Wins?

Winners are determined based on how many votes they receive.

A real time situation of the participants can be seen in the leaderboard.

In cases where two or more participants are tied, certain tiebreakers are used to differentiate them.

The eact formula will not be revealed here, in order to keep things fair from interference.

Make sure to share your favorite participants, and leave a comment to show your support. These are two factors that help in the case of a tiebreaker, and we are willing to reveal, but they are not the determining factors.


Each participant has to submit one video per round.

This means that each participant that survives to the next round will have a different video that you haven't seen before.

Make sure to come back regularly, to check up on your favorite participants.

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